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WE-4000L is designed for Windows remote-site clients, which functions as a Windows® CMS to manage live/recording video streams from remote recording devices. It supports complete remote-site live display, search/playback, snapshot, video clips export and system setup via networked Windows PC desktop or laptop.

WE-4000L can replace the expensive CCTV matrix switch and multiplexer equipments, thus significantly enhancing the functionality of all monitored devices and reducing related maintenance costs.




  • Independent Windows® CMS application to central monitor, playback and manage remote surveillance devices
  • Complete remote-site live display, search/playback, snapshot, video clips export and system setup via networked Windows PC desktop or laptop
  • Tree-based Emap, recording device and camera group management
  • 1/4/9/16 matrix view modes and Multiple-layers Emap view mode
  • Scheduled alarm status report using html format
  • Direct technical services for deployment assistance



WE-4000L_Windows-based CMS-Lite



Model No.




Device Per System


Camera Per System


Alarm I/O Per System

128 / 128

Surveillance Equipments

Central manage DVRs, hybrid DVRs, NVRs, and major brand IP cameras, Mega-pixel IP cameras and video servers

Display Resolution

1024 x 768


Main screen: 1, 4, 6, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64 screen split, auto switch, full screen and synchronized video and audio


Multiple layers E-Map / Google Map

Image Snapshot


Video Playback

Simultaneously viewing different cameras videos with different time. Video search by cameras, date/time, events, and thumbnail-images. Supports all playback functions, snapshot, and file export

Search Video

File, timeline, event, thumbnail, and local storage device search

Playback Information

Camera name, timestamp

Playback Control

Rewind/forward speed control: 1/32X, 1/16X, 1/8X, 1/4X, 1/2X, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X. Pause/frame by frame, previous 5 minutes, next 5 minutes, and stop

Surveillance Equipments Settings

Supports DVR/NVR settings, such as camera location, camera name, image resolution, image brightness, DVR/NVR IP address, recording quality, recording schedule, etc

Alarm Management

Alarm list, device status, playback event video, call-to-repair, device maintenance


Supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) to keep all surveillance equipments having the correct time

Event Type

Video loss, video motion, digital input, no recording, system abnormal, network failure, storage abnormal

Event Notification

Send Email, event log, event acknowledge, alarm buzzer, show event message on main screen, show event message/instruction/video on alarm management screen, show event video, event/device information on E-Map screen and show event video on network matrix system


Export to CD/DVD, USB storage and remote PC

Windows® Client

Remote-site Windows® client

System Log


Access Right

System admin, group admin and normal user, group admin can change group members, normal user can have rights including access video, playback video, export video/snapshot, view/modify configuration, view log, view digital input status, control digital output, change password (remote only), limit login time (remote only), use network matrix (remote only), and view log (remote only)

S/W Protection

USB dongle

Windows® H/W Recommendation

MB: Dual Core CPU or above, onboard VGA, NIC; RAM: 1GB or above