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Video Stream Decoder Pack


WE-7070S, the video stream decoder pack, can decode incoming video streams from local DVR/NVR and requested DVRs/NVRs, and display live video footage on a monitor. Support matrix view modes, sequential display, instant alarm message notification, and hidden zone protection..

Designed especially for large scale surveillance structures, such as mass transportation which needs to view numerous monitoring spots at the same time. By displaying crucial camera images and alarm messages on large monitor, it brings better safeguards and conveniences for public security.




  • Decoder software pre-installed in DOM module for rapid system deployment
  • Decode video streams in H.264 at maximum frame rate of camera
  • Support 1, 4, 9, 16, 25-channel matrix view modes, and sequential display
  • Support 3 hidden zone per channel for vital image protection
  • Superimpose alarm message on display monitor when alarm is triggered
  • Software protected by USB dongle
  • 50MP video streams, up to 400fps@2MP
  • Support SDK integration



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