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Astonishing Surveillance Video Wall


WE-7080H, the high video quality surveillance wall, collocating with Softwell’s NVR or CMS(NDMS 4100 series and NDMS-Lite), for displaying live footage on connected HD TV monitors from NVR or CMS. Users can monitor groups, using mouse to zoom cameras, and drag-and-drop cameras to view required images via video wall console which installed on NVR/CMS remote site. Taking advantages of Softwell’s outstanding video decode technology and video stream transmitting technique, this WE-7080H video wall will correct what you think about the video wall that used to be like.




  • Support up to 9 HD TV monitors when collocating with NVR; up to 20 HD TV monitors when collocating with CMS.
  • One decoder box supports one full HD TV, HDMI connection secures distinct display quality.
  • Video mode supports 16:9 and 4:3. Support 1/4/9/16-split per monitor, double click one small split can enlarge to single split mode.
  • Support auto search all online decoder boxes, commuting monitors via console saves the time dealing with cables.
  • Group settings for monitoring different periods and subjects, camera-switch is flexible when group-monitoring.
  • Support digital PTZ, scroll to zoom or click to pan cameras, click Home button to reset cameras’ position.
  • Support backup and restore configurations.
  • Minimalist UI design makes setup, group settings, video wall layout configures are easy to operate.
  • USB dongle for video wall console software license.



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