The FAQ list answers a variety of technical questions from technicians working in the field with our DVR hardware and software products. If you cannot find your technical question within the list, please submit your technical problem to us and it will be answer back to you in email by one of our technical support specialist. Submit the question


Have problem when installing remote application on Win8 64bit?:

Select "Desktop" on Start Menu, right-click on IE icon, and right-click on "Internet Explore", choose "Run as administrator", and install related components.

How to solve the problem if hard disk crash?:

  1. Reboot.
  2. If failed, reboot again, run recuse in Linux DVR prompt reply "n" for each disk drive.
  3. If still failed, take hard disk drive to Windows, then run windlg (by WD company) with full test.; if there are "some" bad block after scan, click "repair" button for recovery.; if failed or too many bad block, it can't be recovery.
  4. Plug the hard disk drive to DVR then reboot again.
  5. If had disk is not very stable, but can playback, you can backup data with Linux command to another hard disk drive.

How to install ActiveX under IE 8?:

  1. Click the Compatibility View toolbar button which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes. . It's located next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar.
  2. Go to menu Tools --> Internet Options.
  3. Choose Advanced tab and find the Security category.
  4. Disable " Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks."
  5. Close IE 8 and then restart it to activate the function.

Cannot remote live display and playback via IE 11?

  1. Click setting wheel button and find "Compatibility View settings".
  2. Enter the DVR/NVR's IP address into the filed of "Add this website' from the pop-up window.
  3. Click Add button and install all required objects.

I turn on the Digital Video Recorder and nothing happens.:

Check the power LED indicator. If it is on (GREEN) then power is being supplied to the Digital Video Recorder. If the LED is not on, make sure that the power cord is securely connected to a live power source. If the Digital Video Recorder still does not come on, remove the power supply from its compartment, reinsert
it, and try again. If there is still no power, contact your dealer.

There is no image when the DVR is turned on.:

Make sure the power 110V/220V is right, then check the RAM, and then check whether the watchdog reset is wrongly connected.

The display screen is dark.:

Check the Brightness and Contrast toolbar in single view. If the controls are turned too far down, the screen will be dark.
If after trying this, the screen is still blank, try rebooting the Digital Video Recorder by pressing the power on button. If this does not solve the problem, turn the Digital Video Recorder off, wait five seconds, and then turn it back on.
If the problem persists after trying all of these suggestions, turn off the Digital Video Recorder and consult your dealer for a solution.

There is no signal from the cameras.:

Please exchange the signal lines at the back end, thus to judge whether it's wrong with the DVR host.

The mouse can't be operated.:

Please make sure the NumLock key on the keyboard is lighted or not, thus to make sure the machine is working on the right way. And at the same time, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to switch to literal mode, then the hard disk can be reconfigured; press Ctrl+Alt+F3 to switch back to monitoring screen, then the mouse should be able to be moved; if it still doesn't work, please restart the machine or check whether the mouse is connected well.

The monitoring screen is in right way, but I cannot operate the function of "playback", or the HDD capacity is less than 1GB.:

The HDD is not detected or HDD malfunction.

I can not monitor with Internet Browser.:

The Shield and Gateway in the system settings of the DVR host should be set in right way.

What's the major reason that affects the size of the recording images?:

The setup of camera resolution, compress mode (M-JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264), image quality setting (choosing the images in higher quality means smaller compression ratio, and more space of hard disk will be taken up; the other way round, less space will be taken up) and the content of the recording images will affect the average size of the images.

What's the major reason that affects the length of the recording time?:

  1. The number of camera for recording input, the sum of all cameras’ recording rates, recording mode (continuous recording or motion detection recording), the average size of the recording files, the capacity of the installation hard disk will affect the length of the recording time.
  2. A brief calculating way on the length of recording time: The whole capacity of hard disk / (the average size of the recording files X the sum of all cameras’ recording rates)

The DVR system time is wrong.:

You can set the right time for the system, if it continues to be wrong, enter BIOS to modify BIOS time.

It looks like my anti-virus program Kaspersky blocked the remote surveillance :

Please setup Kaspersky as below:

  1. Setting Application Control Click “Applications…” button.
  2. Find "DVRClient", click right button to call popup-menu and click "Application rules..."
  3. Select "Do not scan network traffic" and click OK to apply settings.

[WA-0204HD]How do I exchange HDD while one disk failure during mirror:

A. HD01 Failure-
1. Shut the system down and remove the failure disk.
2. Remove the HD02 and connect it to SATA1.
3. Connect a good HDD to SATA2.
4. Turn on the system and it will start to rebuild.

B. HD02 Failure-
1. Shut the system down and remove the failure disk.
2. Connect a good HDD to SATA2.
3. Turn on the system and it will start to rebuild.

Important! Upgrade Notification

DVR version dvr-WE-1.1.4-20140305.iso and before this.

NVR version nvr-1.1.0-20140305-std-3500.iso and before this.


Please upgrade to the latest version.